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We make your business our business. That means monitoring the legal terrain to anticipate and resolve issues, and to clear the way for opportunities. Our business clients include entrepreneurs, start-ups, established family businesses and Fortune 500 corporations, across the country and around the globe.

Locally, regionally or internationally, we represent your interests wherever success leads. To learn more about how we can contribute to your company’s success, please review our comprehensive business services below.

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Starting A Business

We’ll explain everything from choosing a name for your business to incorporating and staying compliant. We’ll help you identify pitfalls before they sneak up on you and teach you how best to set up your new business for success

LLC Formation

We will help choose the right form of entity for the business weighing the factors that are relevant to your business. We offer full registered agent services, ensuring that your legal needs are served under one roof and within minutes we can confirm the availability of the name on state filing records.

Corporation Formation

A corporation’s life begins when a document called the “Articles of Incorporation.” If you decide to incorporate, we make forming a corporation easy and affordable. Simply answer a few questions for us and we will generate the necessary corporate formation documents, and we will file the Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State.

Corporate Compliance

We will assist you in designing corporate compliance programs that are appropriate in light of your organization’s size, form of entity, operational focus, complexity, management structure, and breadth of operations. We will help you deal with apparent violations of those programs and the underlying laws and regulations.

Asset Purchase Agreements

When negotiating and drafting the buy-sell agreement we maintain an insightful and client-centered approach. We want to ensure that your assets are being given the best appraisal and valuation possible prior to transaction. We can help you manage your affairs and work with you to make these transactions as cost effective as possible for your company.

Stock Purchase Agreements

At their most basic level, these agreements provide for the sale of shares in a target company to a buyer in return for cash or some other form of consideration (i.e., something of value). However, these transactions are anything but basic. Let our team draft a stock purchase agreement for you.

Non-Compete Agreements

We will use our expertise to represent you and/or your businesses with respect to non-compete and trade secret matters. Use this type of agreement as a settlement for any employee who wishes to break a contract prematurely. While the employee is free to leave the company, he or she is not able to jump to a competing company for a certain amount of time. This ensures that you, the employer does not suffer from the move.

Non-Solicitation Agreements

Non-solicitation agreements must be carefully drafted in order to be enforceable. If the non-solicitation clause is too broad or does not protect legitimate business interests, a court may deem it unenforceable. We will guide you in the draft of a non-solicitation agreement to protect customer relationships. Employee who sign the non-solicitation agreement cannot solicit certain customers for his or her benefit, or the benefit of a competing business, after leaving your company.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

NDAs are fairly common in many business settings as they offer one of the most surefire ways to protect trade secrets and other confidential information meant to be kept under wraps. We will represent you in the drafting of a NDA to protect information such as schematics for a new product, client information, sales and marketing plans, or a unique manufacturing process. Using a nondisclosure agreement means your secrets will stay underground, and if not, you’ll have legal recourse and might even be able to sue for damages.

Business Contracts

Through the firm’s long history of providing services to business clients, our attorneys have drafted thousands of contracts in hundreds of industries, covering an enormous range of business relationships. We believe in contracts that are appropriate for the situation and, most important, contracts that protect and advance the interests of our clients.

Employment Agreements

Our lawyers are highly skilled at negotiating the terms of employment agreements and work tirelessly for our clients to ensure that they are protected from obligations that are unfair and unreasonable; that compensation packages are sound and well structured; and positions are appropriate for them and the type of organization they are joining and/or forming.

Independent Contractor Agreements

We can draft legal documents that define the relationship, dictate the terms and expectations of the project, and ensure that your contractor’s status is legally protected as such. These contracts serve will as the legal basis of the client-contractor relationship.

Review of Deeds, Leases, Estate Contracts

The Law Office of Lakesha D. Holmes regularly reviews deeds, leases, and estate contracts to ensure the contracts are fully understood and actually provide protections.

Business Succession Plans

We can help you as an owner and/or shareholder make a plan to ensure a smooth transition in the event of a key member’s sudden death, illness, or retirement. We will properly draft succession plans that provide the remaining members of the company with a procedure to follow in case the unexpected happens.

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